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Contact a Patrol District  

Central District

(410) 396-2411

Commanding Officers
Major Martin Bartness
Captain William Marcus

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Eastern District

(410) 396-2433

Commanding Officers
Major Stanley Brandford
Captain Steve Ward

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Northeastern District

(410) 396-2444

Commanding Officers
Major Richard Worley
Captain Osborne Robinson

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Northern District

(410) 396-2455

Commanding Officers
Major Kimberly Burrus
Captain Deron Garrity

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Northwestern District

(410) 396-2466

Commanding Officers
Major Marc Partee
Captain Byron Conaway

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Southeastern District

(410) 396-2422

Commanding Officers
Major William Davis
Captain Kevin A. Jones

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Southern District

(410) 396-2499

Commanding Officers
Major Ian Dombroski
Captain Latonya Lewis

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Southwestern District

(410) 396-2488

Commanding Officers
Major James Handley
Captain Eric Pecha

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Western District

(410) 396-2477

Commanding Officers
Major Robert Smith
Captain Donald Bauer

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