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Promotional Opportunities  

By Administrator
Monday, March 17, 2008; 7:00 pm

The Baltimore Police Department offers promotional opportunities to members with at least three years of service. Promotion offers you advancement into a supervisory position with new challenges and rewards.

Opportunities for advanced training are provided to members to enhance their growth after graduation from the police academy. Specialized training in firearms, defense tactics, and job-related topics such as basic criminal investigation are offered.

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BPD Sergeant Badge

Police Sergeant:

  • Salary:  $61,585 - $98,836
  • Must have three years experience as a Police Officer or Police Agent in the Baltimore Police Department
BPD Lieutenant Badge

Police Lieutenant:

  • Salary:  $70,003 - $112,182
  • Must have two years experience as a Police Sergeant in the Baltimore Police Department.




The Baltimore Police Department is an Equal Opportunity Employer.


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