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Lowest Homicide Numbers on Record  

By Anthony Guglielmi, Director Public Affairs Section
Monday, March 1, 2010; 1:00 pm

Baltimore posts lowest homicide numbers on record for Jan & Feb 2010

There were a total of 24 homicides for January and February which is the lowest two month total for January and February since we started tracking in 1970 (in 1970 Baltimore had a total of 28 homicides in January and February).

12 homicides in February is the lowest number in over 35 years - since 1973 when there were 10.

Snow Facts - the winter of 1995-1996 was the snowiest winter on record up until 2009-2010 with a record 62.5 inches of snow.  It was similar to this winter in that there was a big storm at the end of 1995 and back to back big storms in 1996.  

In 1996, there were 27 homicides in January and 16 in February.  The blizzard of 1996 occurred in January.  Total homicides for January and February 1996 were 43.

Updated: 03/01/10; 3:07 pm

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