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Domestic Violence Prevention  

By Public Affairs
Thursday, January 26, 2012; 12:45 pm

DOMESTIC VIOLENCE PREVENTION: The Mayor's Office on Criminal Justice, the House of Ruth & the Baltimore Police Department have been awarded $750,000 for collaborative domestic violence work. Baltimore City, through the Mayor's Office on Criminal Justice, in collaboration with House of Ruth Maryland, Inc. and the Baltimore Police Department, won funding to support its Domestic Violence Reduction Initiative. 

Funds would be used to implement Baltimore's Lethality Assessment Project on a citywide basis and to support overtime for the Family Crimes Unit so that its detectives can serve more warrants, serve high priority protective orders and conduct home visits to high risk victims.  Funds would also support a third of the salary of the City's Domestic Violence Reduction Coordinator who would oversee implementation of this project, identify other programs and opportunities for collaboration, increase warrant and protective order service and seek future funding to support domestic violence reduction strategies.  
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Updated: 01/26/12; 12:52 pm

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