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Preventing Armed Robbery - Discouraging Robberies  

By Maryland Community Crime Prevention Institute
Monday, March 17, 2008; 7:00 pm

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What to Do Before

  • Lighting
    Install good lighting both inside as well as outside of your business.

  • Clean
    Keep your business clean and free of clutter.

  • Escape Routes
    Locate and eliminate any potential escape routes or hiding places for a robber.

  • Visibility
    Never restrict the view either into or out of your business with signs or displays on the windows or door. Always maintain maximum visibility.

  • Training
    The best defense against the crime of ARMED ROBBERY is to make your business and employees more security conscious. Make sure you and your employees know your responsibility before , during and after an armed robbery.

  • Check
    Keep alert at all times, checking for loiterers or people watching your business. Greet and make eye contact with everyone who enters your business.

  • Cash Control
    Keep a minimal amount of cash on hand. Less than $50.00 is ideal, and use of a drop safe is advisable. Make frequent cash pickups and never count cash at the counter area.

  • Register
    Should be centrally located within the business and easily seen by customers as well as passers-by.

  • Bank Runs
    Should be made at alternate times and routes. Try to use a variety of containers to carry the cash in and whenever possible try to use a different courier to make the bank runs.

    Also: Go directly to the bank!

  • Two People
    Establish a policy of using two people to open and close your business; use a set of pre-arranged signals for "ALL CLEAR."

  • Mark & Post
    Mark doorways with proper height markings, post your minimum cash policy and the penalty for ARMED ROBBERY.

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