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Preventing Bicycle Theft  

By Community Affairs Section
Monday, March 17, 2008; 7:00 pm

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Preventing Bicycle Theft
If Your Bike is Stolen...
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Bicycle Registration Program

Register your bike with the Baltimore City Police Department. You may ask a police officer for a Bike Registration Form; or go to the nearest PAL Center, library, or any place that sells bikes to get the form. Take the form home, complete it, and return it to the closest Police Station or PAL Center.

contact the PAL Center at your local district

find your local district

"Do's and Don'ts" of Bicycle Theft Prevention


  • Mark you bike with an identification number. Engrave this on the frame of the bike
    (example: MD A -123-456-789-123). Engravers are available for loan at the District.
  • Store your bike in the house.

  • Insure your bike against theft. Check to see if your homeowners or renters insurance automatically covers it, or if it has to be specifically listed.

  • Record the Make/Model/Serial Number of Your Bike. Find the serial number of your bike near the rear wheel or beneath the bottom bracket where the pedals attach. Write it down and put it in a safe place. take a color photograph of your bike to give to the police if your bike is stolen. Keep it with your bicycle receipt.

Do Not:

  • Leave your bike lying in the yard.

  • Leave your bike in your garage with the garage door open.

  • Walk away from your bike, thinking you will only be gone a few seconds.

  • Hide your bike behind bushes and think it is safe.

  • Let strangers ride your bike. (They may not bring it back!)

Lock It Up!

  • Every time you leave your bike unattended, lock it up! Use a theft-proof chain, cable, or bar lock to attach it to a sturdy, fixed object.

  • Lock your bike in a well-lighted area where it can seen from inside a building.

  • Remember to lock up your bike at home.

If your bicycle is stolen, call 911 immediately.

Safety Tip

If a stranger tries to take your bicycle from you, do not fight them. Let them have the bike. Try to remember what the person(s) looked like and which way they went with it. Then, report it to the Police.

If you see a stranger go into a neighbors yard and ride away on their bike, don't assume the person is your neighbor's friend.

Help Prevent Crime

Teach children the value of crime prevention. Crime prevention is only a matter of taking the opportunity away.

For additional information contact:

Baltimore Police Department
Community Affairs Section
Phone: 410-396-23722
Fax: 410-727-7147

send us an e-mail

Helmet Law Reminder

Head protection is required for anyone under 16 years of age. It is the Law. It is also a good practice for riders of all ages.

Updated: 06/17/08; 5:15 pm

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