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Holiday Season  

By Public Affairs Office
Wednesday, December 15, 2010; 10:26 am


With the approach of the holiday season, the Baltimore Police Department would like to remind everyone to take a few simple steps to protect themselves from the criminal "Grinch."

  • travel and shop in groups, paying attention to your surroundings
  • walk, drive and park in areas that are well-lit and well-travelled
  • resist the urge to carry or display large amounts of cash
  • be especially vigilante at and around ATM machines
  • pick-pockets like crowds, so keep wallets and slim purses in inside, zippered pockets
  • never leave valuables (i.e., GPS, bags, jackets, etc.) in the interior of your vehicle
  • never load your vehicle’s trunk with valuables and walk away
  • forgo street donations to beggars, and donate instead to legitimate, established groups
  • break-up/turn inside-out product boxes before putting them outside for trash pick-up
  • be mindful of posting vacations and other personal information on social media sites
  • ask for security escorts when travelling to or from your vehicle in large mall parking lots
  • don’t allow texting to distract you are you walk or drive


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Updated: 12/30/10; 10:15 am

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